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Resolutions PATC 2, Curacao, November 2003

Resolutions Second International Conference on Preservation on Archives in Tropical Climates

Curacao, November 17-21, 2003

Curacao, November 18-21 2003 The Second International Conference on the Preservation of Archival Material in Tropical Climates has noted the implementation of some of the resolutions identified at the First International Conference held in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2001, namely:

The development of agreed appropriate preservation standards in the design of archival buildings with the publication of the Guidelines for Archival Buildings published by ALA


The development of an holistic preservation approach with the development of disaster planning in the Caribbean and integral pest management planning in Gran Cayman


The development of conservation research on problems in tropical climates in particular the effect of climate on iron-gall ink and the use of storage containers for cheap short-term storage

In addition it identifies the following priority areas for further development which it brings to the attention of Unesco, NGO’s as well as archives, libraries and museums to ensure that the corporate memory of cultures, nations and organizations which we enjoy today is still accessible for future generations, namely
* The development of research on and promotion of special storage for tropical climates at low cost, using locally available materials in keeping with local buildings standards
* The developments of local networks for advice on preservation issues and support for colleagues in tropical climates by developing the CARBICA website. This should form the basis for developing post-Curacao conference discussion until the next international conference
* The development of further preservation workshops in conjunction with ICCROM and another willing partners including museums, with particular emphasis on the problems caused to archives by tropical climates
* The development of disaster control plans for all national archives in tropical countries in response to, and as appropriate in conjunction with the resolutions passed at the IFLA Conference in 2002
* The development of sessions on preservation in tropical climates to contribute to the ICA Congress in Vienna in 2004 and to ensure that urgent attention is given to the problems created by tropical climates in the work programs of relevant ICA committees
* The development of plans for a further international conference on preservation problems in tropical climates in response to the Cape Town Declaration on Archives in Africa (2003) in which the African Union (through the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, NEPAD) authorized the establishment of a steering committee to promote co-operation in building archive preservation and archive preservation training programs.
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