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Minutes General Assembly Carbica, Curacao, 2003


Held on the 21st November 2003 at the World Trade Centre, Curacao         12.00pm


Attended by:

Nolda Romer Kanepa Curacao PRESIDENT
Elainte Toote Bahamas TREASURER
Marvin I. Pook Belize  
William Jones Belize  
Asha Ammersing Suriname  
Helene Servant Guadeloupe  
Chatkoe Sudhir Suriname  
David Williams Barbados  
Patrick Freeman St. Lucia  
Aida Pandt Curacao  
Ruon su Cabu ?? Aruba  
Raymond Hernandez Aruba  
Raul Garcia Cuba  
Peter V. Dyh Cuaracao  
Roger Craig Cayman Islands  
Karla Heyward Bermuda  
Marion Blair Antigua  
Beatrice Allen Montserrat  
Helena Leonce Trinidad and Tobago  
Rita Tjien-Fooh Suriname  
Dale Lockiby-Brathwaite Trinidad and Tobago  
Hector Browne Barbados  
Hazel Storr Bahamas  
Lornette Hanley Nevis  
Alfonso Blijden St. Maarten  
Victoria Borg O’Flaherty St. Kitts SECRETARY


The President welcomed everybody to the meeting and and expressed her pleasure at being able to host so many delegates in Curacao.  She hoped that the Conference on Preservation in Tropical Climates had proved to be a useful exercise to all those who attended.  She then explained that while all delegates could attend the General Assembly, only one person per country could vote during the session..  The Executive Committee for the period 2001-2005 was then introduced to all those present.


The agenda for the meeting was approved and a roll call taken.  All delegates were asked to provide contact information especially e-mail addresses.


The President then noted that  with the resignation of Yulu Griffith Klein a post was now vacant in the Executive Committee and she asked for nominations to fill it.  Margot Thomas nominated Helena Leonce of Trinidad and Charles Gibson seconded the nomination.  As there were no other nominations.   Helena was accepted into the Executive.


The President then gave an update of the activities of the EC.  She informed those present that the EC started work immediately after its election in St. Lucia.  Goals have been set and communicated to the membership.  She noted the importance of keeping an updated list of contacts and appreciated the response to the survey of conditions in the member countries and the survey on Archives the results of which have been published in COMMA, the ICA journal.  She also indicated that after some initial difficulties, the Newsletter had been published and that a response was required from the membership with regards to Dominique’s questionnaire this subject.


Dominique said that she needed to know what the Newsletter would be used for so that it can be designed accordingly. And relevant articles could be placed in it.  She said she needed contributors who would publish either in every issue or occasionally and she was hoping to have the Newsletter printed in two languages.  She also wanted to know how the Newsletter should be distributed.


It was decided that the Newsletter should cover CARBICA news briefs while longer articles would be saved for a proposed journal.


The President explained that funding for the website had caused delays in its construction. However the members of the Executive had assumed the responsibility to communicate ICA and CARBICA matters to the general membership. She insisted on the importance of reporting back to CARBICA and indicated that a format for reporting will be circulated soon.


The Treasurer presented and circulated the financial  report for the last two years. She noted that the account is presently depleted and that reminders for the payment of dues will be sent out early in the New Year.  She reminded those present that members of CARBICA had to be members of ICA.


The President then reviewed the CARBICA Programme for the period 2001-2005.  She noted that the Conference on Preservation in Tropical Climates had been accomplished and combined with the IICROM course of the preservation of photographs.  The planned workshop on Electronics records scheduled for Barbados in 2004 might have to be postponed as efforts are being made to get as many members of CARBICA to attend the ICA meeting in Vienna.  She said that Sharon Alexander Gooding could not be present to give her update on the matter but the Executive intended to continue work on the proposal.


With regards to the Vienna Conference, the President indicated that papers on electronic records were expected to be presented there.  She also informed the assembly that CARBICA has for the first time decided to present a session on the theme Shared Memories.  She also expected executive meetings will take place during that time and possibly another General Assembly.


Marion Blair suggested that the membership should be encouraged to make preparations for attendance early in 2004 and encouragement should be given to the presentation of papers that would raise the profile of CARBICA.


Lornette Hanley and Margot Thomas noted the importance of making our timetable of activities known early and that this should be communicated to our counterparts in Libraries, etc to ensure that there should be no conflict.


The President noted That CARBICA elections are due to take place in 2005.  She also indicated that Curacao has a proposal for the holding of a CITRA meeting in 2006 and she felt that it would be useful to combine the CARBICA General Assembly and the CITRA meeting.  However this would mean that the Executive would be in office for one more year.


David Williams felt that the Constitution will have to be amended.


Charles Gibson noted that during the CITRA Meeting in South Africa there was also a meeting of Ministers of Government.  The Ministers were addressed by Archivists and this raised awareness in the African continent regarding the importance of Archives and Records Management.  He urged that we need this sort of activity in the Caribbean.  He asked how do we deal with this in the constitution and if there was any certainty that CITRA would be held in Curacau in 2006.


The President explained that Curacau and the Netherlands were organizing CITRA but at present relations are not at their best.  During the course of the past week, the ICA Secretary, the Archivist from Holland and herself had met the Minister for Archives in Curacau.  The Dutch Archivist said he could not commit to the conference.  However the Minister is still interested and wanted a budget proposal for the hosting of CITRA.  The President felt that CITRA will be a less expensive venture than the PATC conference that had just ended as ICA would foot the bill for the speakers.


Charles Gibson suggested that a combination of activities -  CARBICA, CITRA and a ministerial meeting -  would be useful in attracting funds


Lornette Hanley suggested that this does not necessitate a change in the constitution, merely a proviso.


Charles Gibson excused himself as he had to leave to catch his flight and pointed out that we wrote the constitution and that we should not let it limit our opportunities. 


David Williams felt that there was an agreement to change and to legalize the next meeting. 


Margot Thomas suggested that we agree to this but on condition that the President communicates to the membership the agreement of the Curacao Government to host CITRA by the end of January.  She felt that if this did not happen then we should go ahead and hold CARBICA as scheduled in 2005.


Dominique Taffin asked if there was any likelihood that CITRA could be held elsewhere in the Caribbean.


Margot Thomas answered that this was very unlikely and moved that Dependent on the agreement of the Curacao Government to hold CITRA 2006 and the members receiving confirmation of this by January 2004, we agree to hold CARBICA at the same time as CITRA in 2006.  If however this is not confirmed we should hold CARBICA in 2005.


The Assembly voted 13 for the motion and 1 aganist.


Roger Craig  felt that not all members had been informed of the matter under discussion and that we could hold an election in Barbados in 2005 when the workshop on records management should take place.


The President agreed to pursue the matter and to check with ICA that we are not doing something illegal.


The Treasurer then informed the Assembly that Kevin Smith of ACARM has the funds to do a workshop on legislation which he proposed to do at the next General Assembly. 


Karla Hayward asked if the model that was being drawn up had been completed.


Margot Thomas said that a CD ROM on best practise has been prepared and suggested that the workshop could be tacked on to the one scheduled for Barbados next year.


The Assembly agreed on the workshop and the possibility of having it in Barbados.


The President then suggested that a survey of material being held in by other institutions should be conducted. 


Dominique felt that this should take the form of a directory rather than a survey.


Marion Blair said that the workshop on AV material that she attended in November had been very useful and that as archivists we need to know more about this type of archiving.


Roger Craig felt that a directory would be very useful and that  Museums, Television and Radio Stations should be included.  He then thanked Nolda for her representation of CARBICA on ICA and for the work that she and her staff had done in facilitating the Conference of Preservation in Tropical Climates.  He also indicated that Ted Ling suggested closer links with PARBICA. 


The assembly agreed.

Raul Garcia thanked the Assembly for allowing him to attend as an observer and pointed out that Cuba and help and be helped in CARBICA


Marion Blair thanked the Executive Committee, and the President in particular, for assistance given to make her attendance and that of others possible at the PATC Conference.


The President said that she felt it was her duty to raise the profile of CARBICA in international circles and thanked everyone for attending the conference and helping to make it a success.

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