CARBICA, the Caribbean Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives

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Poster Instructions

During the CARBICA X Conference, there will be several opportunities to network with archivists from all over the Caribbean and other countries as well. One of the opportunities to network during this Conference is through the presentation of a poster of your organisation.             

Posters promote the exchange of information in a more informal and convenient setting. In your poster presentation you present a brief overview of what your organisation stands for (mission/vision, projects, challenges, accomplishments e.g.). CARBICA members (other than individuals) receive the opportunity to present their poster during the Conference

General Instructions 

Poster size should be 36” h x 44” w (92 cm high X 112 cm wide).

One-inch lettering (72 point) should be considered a minimum size for the title (104 point is most common). Titles are usually done in all-caps and should accurately describe the subject. Use smaller font sizes for list or other information. 

For the rest of the sections, lettering size should be large enough for all text to be read from 3.5 feet away. Smallest recommended font size is 24 (18 point for super- and subscripts). Use Arial Font 

Poster contents should be presented in logical sequence as follows: 

  • Title (Banner) - Includes poster title at top/ the name of your Archives/the logo of your organization;
  • Introduction - Write a  short description of your organization;
  • Describe /write about your goals ( mission/vision)/ your projects / accomplishments / collaboration with other organisations / challenges;
  • Give an overview of your special collection. 


  • Include phone number and/or email address of your organization;
  • Include 3- 4 pictures and or charts / tables. 1 picture of your archives building;
  • Images must be in 150- 300dpi;
  • Color: Use the color of your organisation;


Instructions for sending posters: 

Please send posters to Ms. Corinne Bonjean (Martinique) at the following e-mail address using the free file transfer software found at no later than Friday 22nd November 2014 

The National Archives of Martinique will print the posters. If additional layout is needed, the in-house designer of the General Council will make the necessary adjustment after consulting the organisation. The texts and photos must be sent in modifiable formats.

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